Dear Trump Cultists …

As an avowed liberal constitutionalist, I am incredibly excited that President Trump has made the choice to completely disregard the separation of powers that were so carefully crafted and built into the institutional design of the U.S. Constitution. His decision to declare a national emergency to wrestle funding from different governmental agencies to fund his beautiful, massive Wall for the southern border is a stroke of genius, right?

Bullying his way through the barriers in Congress, he decided to find a legal loophole in order to get what he wants: The Wall. And you, his adoring fans, enthusiastically applaud his audacity … His machismo … His stupidity.

Yes. Buy into his power grab – embrace it – LOVE the power … because, you see, it is fleeting.

That’s right – it is fleeting. Legally, Trump is allowed to be president for only 2 terms (8 years). He is midway through his first term. As I write today, polling results (Source: MSNBC) indicate Trump does not have enough electoral college votes to win a second term. The odds are good that in two years, there will be a new president.

Trump’s decision to bully through Article I of the U.S. Constitution, if allowed to stand, will set the stage for future presidents to also grab for that power. The next mass shooting? Say hello to a weakened 2nd Amendment and goodbye to your guns. But that’s okay. Really. Hate House Majority Leader Pelosi. Demand that your elected Congressional Reps and Senators

“Support Trump – No Matter What!”.

We liberals are so very tempted to sit back and watch because we know our time is coming. We will seat another president from our side of the aisle. If not now, then. That day will come …

… and we may become cultists who will also demand the – no quarter be given, no concessions made, all or nothing, our way or the highway – supremacy model of our duly elected president.

That understanding should bring each Trump supporter to their knees.

And it is that understanding, believe it or not, that has led to the effort in the House to resolve to challenge Trump’s ability to expand presidential power by declaring a national emergency in his effort to get funding for The Wall.

If your state’s members of Congress are afraid of losing your vote should they stand up against Trump’s grab for power, then let them know that in this case, Trump is wrong.

He is not thinking about what could happen in the future. He has made a serious constitutional miscalculation. Because while he may win this skirmish over his wall, he is leading to the loss of the real battle. Without the separation of powers, as set forth in our U.S. Constitution, our system of government loses. Fairness will lose. Consideration of competing theories, beliefs and preferences? That consideration will be lost.

What will remain is not a United States as any of us have ever known.