Trump Tweets | Dan Scavino

I spent considerable time in 2018 sharing Trump’s tweets because Trump is the POTUS. While I’ve suspected it, I recently confirmed that Trump is not the author of all tweets posted by @realdonaldtrump.

The other author is his former golf caddy, now turned social media director, Dan Scavino.

For complete details, see:

Who Is The Mystery Man Behind @realDonaldTrump? (Besides The President)

Journalist Robert Draper says White House social media director Dan Scavino has a hand in crafting about half of the president’s tweets.

Does this matter? Yes. It matters.

When the tweets seem most presidential, the odds are high that it is the former golf caddy re-tweeting something put out by the White House staff.

When the tweets refer to the president in the third person, it is logical that it is the former caddy writing the tweet. (I hope. It is discombobulating to read those 3rd person tweets. Perhaps that is intentional.)

Knowing this should help to alleviate concerns that the president has Dissociative Identity Disorder, as I have wondered over these past months as I’ve shared and dissected his tweets.

But there is a more important reason why this matters. When the tweets are at their ugliest – when they’re filled with whining, bullying and cajoling – when one might consider that they’re evidence of attempts to obstruct justice – when the tweets sound more like Russian propaganda than presidential – who is actually writing those tweets? The president? Or is it Dan Scavino?

What is the protocol for presidential tweeting? What rules apply to Dan Scavino? Are there rules?

In the event there are legal questions about the content of those tweets, is Dan Scavino placed to take the fall for the guy who places blame on anyone but his own self?

And as we learn that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team of investigators has been investigating whether or not Donald J. Trump is a Russian asset, where does Dan Scavino fit in? Where do any of the White House media spokespersons, the officials of Trump’s cabinets and other members of the GOP itself fit into the manipulations of a potential presidential Russian asset?

Many questions, and answers will be emerging. My attention has been focused on questions such as those this past month (and 2 years). America? We’re in for some months of high political intensity in 2019.