2018 December 23 ☆ Sunday

I have taken a break from posting Trump tweets this weekend, and will be off the clock for the next few days – unless he escalates further.

Since midnight December 20th, the president has tweeted 56 times. Most of those are centered on a limited number of topics:

1 – His Wall

2 – Congress

3 – Bullying specific members of Congress

4 – His Wall

5 – Abandoning allies in the Middle East, but accepting none of the responsibility for the resulting chaos that will trigger.

FIFTY SIX TWEETS. Poor little rich boy wants a wall, and he will lie, manipulate and cajole until he gets it.

Never mind that the wall can never possibly be tall enough or deep enough to deter terrorists and other criminal elements. It will deter people in genuine need of asylum, representing all that the U.S. is not.

I have the luxury of not needing to think about atrocities for a week. The president, meanwhile, is busy trying to further those.

I’ll end this post with the reply I most frequently offer him in response to his tweets: