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2018 December 20 ☆ Thursday

By Nancy Langley 
Policy Choices
Published December 20, 2018 | 12:40 AM EST

UPDATED: DECEMBER 21, 2018 | 12:35 AM EST
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Morning Tweets

2 Midnight Tweets

FOX Network Promo

I am not an expert on military operations in the Middle East. I would consider members of our military and counter-intelligence agencies to be experts on U.S. military operations in the Middle East.

What have they advised to be the best course of action?

Did the president make a decision after consultations with those experts, or was this something he decided to do on a whim?

1st Morning Tweet

Quotes 2 Senators

The president quotes 2 senators who apparently expressed their agreement about his decision re: Syria. That 2 senators agree is irrelevant.

2nd Tweet

Reality Distortion

It is customary for the president to talk about military decisions with members of Congress and experts. WHO WAS INCLUDED IN THIS DECISION?

3rd Tweet

Public Opinion Manipulation Attempt

Again – he is avoiding crucial issues associated with the region. Military policy in the middle east is not determined by whether or not sufficient appreciation is signaled by the appropriate persons. However, one must ask how U.S. removal of troops in the region will affect the power balance of Russian influence there.

4th Tweet

Propaganda Tweet

When the president first tweeted on this topic, he claimed that ISIS had been defeated. Apparently he lied. He lied then and he is lying now. Russia has everything to gain should the U.S. remove itself from the region. Leaving Syria may prove to be the first step in a sequence of actions this president could take to tip the balance of power away from the U.S. towards authoritarian regimes.

5th Tweet

Only Democrats Write Bills Now?

First, any legislation out of Congress is legislation developed by BOTH DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS. They work together on behalf of the United States. For whom does this president work?

Russia is the enemy, Mr. president. Democrats are not. And the wall is an expensive, ineffective policy choice that is being denied to you. If Mexico won’t pay for it, and the U.S. won’t pay for it, why don’t you take some money out of the Trump Foundation to pay for it? Oh wait – you can’t.

UPDATE: Your fans have started a “GoFundMe” site for your wall. Here’s ya go …

6th Tweet

We Don’t Really Need The Wall

The only person still talking about the wall is the president.

He tells us the caravan did not “get through”. He tells us the “Border is tight.”. If those statements are true, WHY DO WE NEED HIS WALL?

7th Tweet

Re-Tweets His Own Tweet

This is a re-tweet of the video clip he made yesterday afternoon and posted last night. The president is his own most adoring fan.

8th Tweet

Whining about The Wall Again

Afternoon Tweets

1st Tweet

First Step Act

2nd Tweet

More Syria Distraction

3rd Tweet

Green Acres | Farm Bill

So … Apparently this is how the president relates to farmers … He considers them from a perspective of a television show. I don’t think he’d last a year truly working on a farm.

4th Tweet

Re-Tweets His Own Tweet – Again

Evening Tweets

1st Tweet

Mattis Retirement Announcement

This is very concerning information. General Mattis is a key military figure in the administration, and one would expect his involvement in military decisions to be critical. Other media sources are reporting that General Mattis wrote a lengthy resignation letter, and are recommending that every American should read that letter.

Click here to read the letter.

2nd Tweet

Oddly Ecstatic Expression of Gratitude

The president is tweeting about a vote in the House of Representatives that included some funding for his wall. No one (but presidential fans) believes the wall is an effective policy solution, so if he really believes that “many have said that the enthusiasm was greater than they have ever seen before”, then he is surrounded by very convincing liars (or people with very small audiences).

3rd Tweet

Premature Exclamation

It is unbelievable that a president of the United States would taunt the expected next Speaker of the House on Twitter. He is beyond unconventional. He is desperate for approval.