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2018 December 19 ☆ Wednesday

By Nancy Langley 
Policy Choices
Originally published December 19, 2018 | 7:01 PM EST

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UPDATED: DECEMBER 19, 2018 |11:10 PM EST
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Morning Tweets

The Pretend War

Republicans have controlled both the House and the Senate for two years. They have yet to pass a budget to fund the wall. The problem is not with Democrats. The problem is that the president’s idea, a wall, is a medieval solution for a modern problem. The costs outweigh the benefits. Walls have been breached for as long as they’ve existed.

2nd Tweet

Funding for a Wall

The assertion that Mexico will pay for the wall is absurd – whether it be directly or indirectly. The U.S. trade policy with Mexico and Canada may (or may not) increase U.S. profits, that may (or may not) contribute to federal funds, would need to be used to build the wall instead of being used for other more critical expenditures.

3rd Tweet

Tweet Content Description

Get ready, world. The president is actively creating diversions from the negative news headlines involving him and his campaign.

4th, 5th & 6th Tweet

Trump Foundation | Blaming Law Enforcement

The AG is deliberating which charges to file against the people who illegally used Foundation funds for a presidential campaign (among other things).

That president now appears to be encouraging U.S. citizens to oppose prosecution of the same sitting president. That is an abuse of office.

Afternoon Tweets

This section will be completed if Trump tweets.

Evening Tweets

1st Tweet

A Media Center

So apparently he spent his afternoon creating this little video clip instead of facing interviews by the actual press.

2nd Tweet

Steele Report | PJMedia

At 10:31 PM EST I received notification of this Trump re-tweet.

~ Why does this president share some bloggers’ consortium of writers “investigative” report that reads like a conspiracy theorist’s rag?

~ Is this information published in any mainstream media sources in the U.K. where the reported lawsuits have been filed?