2018 December 17 ☆ Monday

By Nancy Langley 
Policy Choices
Originally published December 17, 2018 | 1:40 PM EST

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Morning Tweets

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Misleading Information RE: ACA

This tweet, while accurate, is highly misleading. First, voters should know that the state in which they live largely determines how much assistance is available to them for healthcare. Some states proactively seek to ensure the health of their citizens, while others believe that poor people are undeserving of state and federal assistance – or they simply oppose governmental funding for public services. In addition to Republican opposition (and interference) at state levels, federal level Republican politicians have persisted in trying to repeal the ACA. As those efforts fail, they have regularly weakened it by removing key components of the original legislation.

The Supreme Court ruled the ACA as constitutional in its original form. Because of Republican interference and lawsuits, that ruling is now at risk because of a ruling last week in a federal district court. In that ruling, because the Republican controlled Congress removed the “individual mandate” portion of the legislation, the judge ruled the ACA is now “unconstitutional”. Appeals and decisions will be argued. Lawyers will be paid lots of money. And poor people will have really crappy insurance again in 2019. The subsidized zero-payment plan options are worse than the options last year, and those were worse than those offered in 2015-2017.

Yes. The ACA is severely weakened, and while the benefits are better than nothing, they are nonetheless substantially less than they were originally. Republicans are the reason for that, and to imagine that they will repair it is implausible. They do not want the government involved in healthcare plans for all Americans. 

2nd Tweet

“Boarder” ~ The GOP Perception

Yes. I laughed at the misspelling. But then I wondered. Was it less a misspelling and more parapraxis? After reflection, I suspect the latter is the more likely than the former. Central and South American immigrants are considered undesirable by racist Trump supporters. If they’re not white, then they’re not “right” for America according to the a segment of the MAGA movement. As far as they’re concerned, the non-whites should go back to where they came from. They’re only “boarders” until they can be captured and removed.

3rd Tweet

Tunnel Vision

There have been ups and downs in the American economy depending on which perspective is in focus. Regardless, the U.S. economy does not exist in a vacuum. It is premature to “Take the Victory”.  Systems theory tells us that what happens elsewhere will influence what happens in the U.S.

4th Tweet

Bored Boarders at the Border

The president corrected the spelling slippage. “Boarder” Security is now “Border” security.

Afternoon Tweets

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PR | The Wright Brothers

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Welfare Payments for Farmers

Because of the Trump Tariffs, China retaliated with tariffs on various American goods. some farmers have been especially affected by the trade war. In compensation for those difficulties, the Trump administration is providing funds to farmers to help alleviate the financial burden caused by the trade war.

Evening Tweets

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