2018 December 16 ☆ Sunday

By Nancy Langley.  
Policy Choices. 
Originally published December 16, 2018 | 12:00 PM EST

Updated as new tweets are posted and for clerical edits.


Reading through the morning tweets, President Trump apparently spent his Sunday morning channel-surfing various television programs. As a viewer, he enjoys expressing his opinions about what he views. Were he a private citizen, that habit would be odd, but insignificant. He is not, however, a private citizen.

Therefore, followers of his tweets are subjected to scattered random opinions about disjointed topics.

His opinions are opinions. They are not facts. 

Morning Tweets

1st Tweet

Not FOX News 

~ Shifts attention from himself towards those who report the news about him
~ Includes comedy show in the “news” category
~ Whines that Trump criticisms are unfair
~ Guesses that political partisanship drives commercial funding
~ Hints at legal threats towards unfavorable news coverage 

Private citizen Donald J. Trump grew accustomed to controlling his press and public image. President Donald J. Trump no longer is afforded that luxury. Political actors are subject to much stricter ethical standards, and laws that allow for full public knowledge of decision-making realms. Had he not wanted to be in a glass bubble of sunshine, he should not have entered the political arena. If he wants better press coverage, he should have impeccable ethical standards. 

2nd Tweet

Shift the Blame

Peter and Lisa are not under criminal investigation. They had an office romance. They were privy to initial reports regarding possible illegal actions surrounding the Trump campaign. As would any rational actors, they admittedly wanted non-criminals to hold offices in the Executive branch. Their allegiance is to the nation. 

It doesn’t matter why the investigation began. It matters that it is able to be conducted. The persons most opposed to the investigation are those who have been charged with crimes, or who may yet be charged with crimes.

3rd Tweet

Questions Legality of Criminal Investigation

~ A “Rat” is a person who provides law enforcement or other figures in authority with information about wrong-doings. Only people who commit wrong-doings seem to have such “Rats” in their lives.

~ The FBI had their legal bases covered. They legally entered and confiscated materials from Cohen’s office. Obtaining a warrant to do that meant they were able to convince impartial judges that just cause existed to take that action.

~ The DNC computers were hacked by Russians, as were members’ computers of the Clinton campaign. Why does the then private-citizen Trump assume those machines weren’t forensically analyzed? He wasn’t a part of that investigation. Rather, he was a consumer of his favorite information sources – guys who have lots of conspiracy theories …  

4th Tweet

Presidential Judge & Jury

~ There is more to being a president than publicly expressing thoughts about presidential pardons based on a single news report rather than legal evidence …

5th Tweet

Irrelevant Opinion by Non-Member of Investigation

~ Ken Starr is not a member of the Special Counsel Investigative team. Ken Starr does not have all relevant information/facts. Ken Starr is unable to make a fully-informed determination as to whether or not a president aided and abetted foreign powers, and/or conspired to defraud the American voters.

6th Tweet

But Obama …

This is the president’s standard fall-back argument: “If you think I’m bad, Obama was worse.”. How many immigrant children were separated from their parents during the Obama years? How many died while in federal custody? 

Afternoon Tweets

This afternoon’s tweets are the framework of the president’s story. This is a story for those who need to believe that the president is a good and honest man. This is a story for people who need to believe they could not have voted for a criminal. This is a story – one so far removed from the factual processes and the red tape that American governmental institutions allow – the story is unbelievable.

1st Tweet

Required Viewing

The beginning of the president’s story begins with a referral to another story teller – Jerome Corsi. Corsi is an accomplished weaver of tales. The president has tweeted that it is required that people watch @trish_regan ‘s interview with Corsi.

The president also requires that people watch @marthamaccallum ‘s interview with a woman who is a wife and apparently is unworthy of her own name 

But we should listen to her, the unnamed, because she will tell us what has been going on in our Country.

2nd & 3rd Tweets

Adding an Authoritative Opinion

Daniel Henninger, an opinion writer and editor with the Wall Street Journal, is entitled to his opinion. However, as with all opinions, reasonable people may disagree. I disagree with the opinion stated in the president’s tweet. Whether or not Daniel Henninger said or wrote it is for others to determine. 

For the record – no one is hunting witches. They are investigating the financial and personal affiliations of the president, his family and members of his campaign to examine their interactions with Russia and other foreign investors. Did they aid and abet? Did they conspire to ensure Donald J. Trump was elected? 

The indictments of 33 individuals and organizations could hardly be considered a “HOAX”.  

4th Tweet

Russian Witch Hunt Hoax Tantrum

Updated as new tweets are posted and for clerical edits.