Trump Tweets

2018 December 9 ☆ Sunday

By Nancy Langley, Policy Choices
Originally published December 09, 2018 | 9:17 PM EST

Morning Tweets

1st & 2nd Tweets

Rant | James Comey

Who counted the number of times James Comey was unable to answer questions?

It is not enough to assert that the former Director of the FBI spoke “All lies!” during a hearing before members of the House. One should be able to prove it – and “proof” does not consist of conspiracy theories alone.  Where and what is the evidence to confirm the assertion that Comey spoke “All lies!”?

It is normal for the office of the presidency to be won by people belonging to different political parties. The FBI is a non-partisan agency. They do not make decisions based on partisanship. The institution of the FBI is accustomed to changing leadership in the elected branches of government. That is the “American Way”.

Any patriotic President would demand and support an investigation. Why doesn’t this president?

It is neither ordinary nor acceptable when an individual takes the office of the presidency because they have the support, and the interference, of a foreign government.   Has this president? 

Should Americans be concerned about a conspiracy? Of aiding and abetting? Who can be trusted to ensure the facts are known? And fundamentally – should not the president of the United States be among the first to ensure that no foreign power has maneuvered itself into a position of power within the U.S. government?

Quote from the Transcript of James Comey testimony before the House Committee (page 27).

Evening Tweets

1st Tweet

Effort to De-Legitimize the Free Press

The media and press are well-protected from the “group think” of collective insanity. The inner workings of closed-in groups of a few people, with an authoritarian leader, however, are far more prone to group think.

2nd Tweet

White House Chief of Staff

My only comment about this tweet is the timing. I was watching MSNBC and the discussion panel was completing a segment about the new Chief of Staff, noting that Nick Ayers had decided to not pursue the position and to work instead on 2020 campaign matters. As they were about to conclude the discussion, the president tweeted.