Trump Tweets

2018 December 8 ☆ Saturday

By Nancy Langley, Policy Choices
Originally published December 08, 2018 | time AM EST

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Evening Tweets

1st Tweet

PR | Army-Navy Game

Video clip of Army-Navy Pre-Game

2nd Tweet

PR | Army-Navy Game

Video Clip of Army-Navy Post-Game

Afternoon Tweets

1st Tweet

Illogical Conclusions

Asserts that the Paris Agreement (Environmental Policy) is the cause of disruptions in France. The policy isn’t the problem. The means to fund the policy is the issue.

If the U.S. was “ahead of the curve” on this, it is the result of an evolution of environmental policies over decades. The Trump administration, however, has actively sought to reverse many of those environmental protections.

2nd & 3rd Tweets

Temper Tantrum

The first part of this speech is a repeat of lies spoken by the president on October 2, 2018 during a rally in Southaven, Mississippi. He launched the assault then because Senator Blumenthal (D-Conn) was on the Senate Judiciary Committee and was against the seating of Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. For the full story, and a fact check, author Jon Greenberg provides a good synopsis.

As he has done in the past, the president of the United States publicly, and in print, behaves like a schoolyard bully. It is an ineffective strategy to solve problems, and it certainly will not protect him from potential impeachment and/or criminal prosecution as those are being discussed on non-FOX networks this weekend.

4th Tweet

The President Goes to a Game

Updated as new tweets are posted and for clerical edits.

Morning Tweets

1st Tweet

Taunt directed Towards French President Macron

Has Russia been engaged in efforts to destabilize France as they are suspected of doing in other countries?

Why is the president of the United States energized by a nation experiencing social unrest when that nation has been a long time ally?

2nd Tweet

European Military

Fairness? In the previous tweet, Trump took pleasure with the social unrest occurring in France. When the idea of an EU military became public, it was made known that European leaders now view Russia, China and the United States as potential military threats. That view is a direct result of the Trump presidency, and their suspicion of connections between Trump and Putin.

3rd Tweet

False Narrative | Special Counsel Investigation

That is a lie. After two years of investigations, 33 people and organizations have been charged with crimes. In the court documents related to Michael Cohen, there are references to “Individual 1”. Individual 1 is Donald Trump.  Paul Manafort, as revealed in the court filings yesterday, had significant ties to Russian operatives.

The charges filed against those individuals and others are wide-ranging, and include campaign crimes, espionage and other serious assertions. 

At this point in time, there are numerous causes for impeachment, regardless of whether the Special Counsel’s Office (SCO) provides findings of “collusion”. 

Were Donald J. Trump not the president, he too would be facing criminal indictments. At this point, only the Office of the Presidency, as an institution, is protecting him. For that reason alone, he will not resign. It is the duty of Congress to remove him from office.

4th & 5th Tweets

Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Announcement

6th Tweet

Tweet Content Description

Well Mr. President … So far, the Hunt has captured 33. Geraldo Rivera isn’t the best legal counsel for a guy in your shoes.