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2018 December 03 ☆ Monday

By Nancy Langley, Policy Choices
Originally published December 03, 2018 | 12:36pm

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Morning Tweets

1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Tweets

Trade & Arms Reduction Talks

At eleven last night, the president tweeted that China was going to lift their tariffs on auto imports into China, thus (theoretically) resulting in more U.S. auto sales at lowered prices for Chinese consumers. 

He dangled a bit of good economic news before the American people, and I suspect, to the folks over at GM who announced last week that they were closing factories that would put about 14,000 people out of work.

In the first  tweets of today, he continues with the narrative he wants floated. He LOVES farmers, and starting immediately, China will resume buying U.S. crops.

We’ll see.

Compare the president’s narrative to the main headlines on most news channels today. There are a number of topics. Foremost are historical looks at former President George H.W. Bush – his life, his contributions and his leadership is the first. Another headline is the report about the intercepted communications the CIA have that lead those analyst to conclude that Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) knew all about the planned murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggie.  And of course, the third news topic involves some variant on the Special Investigation headed by Robert Mueller.

Chinese trade policy, arms reduction and the border wall are NOT being discussed … or at least they were not being discussed by journalists between 4 and 7 this morning. That is what the effort to “control the narrative” is – influencing what is being discussed and told to audiences by creating the news topics someone wants people to to focus upon

Finally – none of these tweets reflect solid, contractual agreements. Rather, they represent an effort to “control the narrative” – where he is attempting to influence what is being discussed and told to audiences by creating “the news”. 

And keep in mind – these, and the following tweets of the morning – are being made while most of America is watching news coverage about former President George H.W. Bush.

Arms reduction talks with the leaders of China and Russia? Remember a few months ago when Trump announced he was pulling the U.S out of a 1987 arms agreement with Russia. What’s changed?

Again – show us the signed treaties… 

5th Tweet

The Wall

“STOP THE DRUGS!”  “…build the Wall…” “…close the entire Southern Border…”

Those are what I call “Rally Cries” – phrases he uses at political rallies that elicit strong, favorable responses from his supporters.

6th, 7th, 8th & 9th Tweets

Mueller Investigation

He has information relevant to the investigations. Some of that information relates to the actions of the president during his campaign.

Michael Cohen is not looking to Trump for a presidential pardon. He has put more trust in Robert Mueller.

This tweet by the president is a not-so-subtle message to Roger Stone that if he keeps quiet, there’s a pardon waiting for him. Some legal experts call this “witness tampering”, and it is illegal. 

And here, the president again attacks the investigative team. Fact checks do not support any of the statements. 

10th Tweet

George H.W. Bush

Afternoon Tweet

1st Tweet

PR | Congratulations | Andres Manuel

Congratulatory Tweet to
President Andres Manuel

Evening Tweet

1st Tweet

PR | GHW Bush Rotunda | Video Link 

0.22 second Video of President Trump
at former President George H.W. Bush coffin, lying in state, in the Capitol Rotunda.

I believe the video is currently available only on Twitter at

Updated as new tweets are posted and for clerical edits.