2018 November 25

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Author: Nancy Langley.
First Published: November 25, 2018 | 1:10pm

1st Tweet | Self Promotion

– Would Donald Trump promote that FOX program host and guest author’s books if they didn’t flatter Donald Trump?

– Are U.S. presidents elected to sell themselves and their own interests?

– Are Donald Trump’s interests identical to national interests?

– Who determines the national interests of the United States?

2nd Tweet | Hyde-Smith Rallies

– Standard candidate endorsement tweet + rally promotion

3rd Tweet | French Protests

“… large and violent French protests …”

I had to catch up with the news to understand this tweet.

The most informative information I found comes from the Financial Times.

As one protester described it:

“It’s not up to us to pay for the ecological transition, the big companies ought to pay,” said Thomas, a carpenter. “We are fed up with tax.”

The protesters are not protesting against the U.S. They are protesting unfair tax advantages given to corporations and the burden of taxation placed on individuals. The target of their anger is French President Emmanuel Macron.

As described in the Financial Times,

What started as an online petition against the government’s decision to increase fuel taxes to spur drivers to greener vehicles has morphed into a wide-ranging display of discontentment. It cuts across age, employment status and political affiliation, and centres on deepening inequality in a country where unemployment hovers at more than 9 per cent.

Donald Trump has no authority in France. He is not their President. The French protests are not about Trump. The relationship between Trump and Macron, however, has been tumultuous.

– Is Trump publicly bullying Macron during a difficult time by hinting that Macron’s policies are to prioritize U.S. interests over the interests of the people in his own country?

– If the situation were reversed – If the British told the U.S. that we needed to pay outrageous taxes for, let’s say “Tea”, would Americans head to Boston for a party?

4th Tweet | Caravan

– Caravan? What? Is there another election looming? [See his 2nd morning tweet.]

5th Tweet | Self-congratulatory

– Who is the Target Audience? Is it really the members of the Federal Reserve?

– If yes – Seriously? The president forces members of the Federal Reserve to follow his damn Twitter account for internal memos?

– If no – What is the purpose of this tweet? Are we Average American Individuals truly naive enough to think a guy’s tweet should tell us all we need to know about the American economy?

– Are oil prices falling? If yes Whose oil? In what nation? Why?

– Who received “a big tax cut”? Was it we Average American Individuals? Corporations?

– Who is reporting that inflation is down? Does it seem as if inflation is down where you shop?


1st Tweet | Espy vs. Hyde-Smith Election Mississippi Senate

Learn more about this election here.

2nd Tweet | Ego Stroking

3rd Tweet | Whine About the EU

– A president should learn more about NATO.

He could start here.

4th Tweet | Clinton Foundation

– Who is Andrew McCarthy, and what is his source of information?

– What is the source of information regarding the rise and fall of donations to the Clinton Foundation?

– Have donations to the Trump Foundation risen or fallen during Trump’s tenure as president?

– How have Trump’s personal finances influenced and/or changed according to, his presidential decisions?


1st and 2nd Tweets | Rant at 60 Minutes

If you missed the 60 Minutes (CBS) program, you can read the transcript here.

The information provided in the program (and by numerous other sources) is that the Trump administration implemented the child separation policy after a small-scale trial program during the Obama administration found the policy failed as a deterrent to immigration efforts.

The Trump administration ignored that, making the policy even more draconian, and then implemented it on a large scale.

That policy choice is demonstrative if a deliberately cruel and remarkably ineffective means of deterrence.

Yes. The policy choice is criticized for its’ abject failure.