2018 November 23

Updates – Reflect additions of tweets as well as clerical edits.
Last update: November 23, 2018 | 8:02pm


Author: Nancy Langley.
First Published: November 23, 2018 | 12:22pm

First Tweet | Funding for Wall

– Does the President have the Constitutional authority to command Congress?

– Which branch of government [Executive, Congressional, Judicial] determines the federal budget?

– Do members of Congress have to fund anything the President tweets at them to fund?

– What are the pros and cons of using Twitter to tell Congress what to do?

– Is Twitter an effective tool to communicate with members of Congress?

– Would the president have a stronger influence on Congress if he wore red ruby slippers and tapped his heels three times while saying “Fix the Border NOW!”?

2nd Tweet | Criminal Justice Reform

– @senchuckschumer is a parody account about Senator Schumer.

– @SenSchumer is correct Twitter account.

– the word “past” should be “passed”.

– While the president was tweeting about that, here’s what @SenSchumer was tweeting about today:

The AP News article can be found by clicking here.


1st Tweet | Corrections made to 2nd Morning Tweet


First Tweet | Mnuchin & Fake News

– Who is the president’s intended audience?

– Which news source is he criticizing?

– If the source of the news is unknown, how can readers determine whether the source is being truthful or lying? Whether the president is being truthful or lying?

– If he identified the news source he claims is reporting “fake news”, could that news source sue him for libel if the president is lying?

– If the news source is lying, could the president sue them for libel?

– On what television network is one most likely to see the president giving an interview?

– Which printed publications are most likely to receive responses to questions about hiring and firing decisions made by the Trumps – from the president himself?

– Which television or print media is most likely to be ignored by the president?

– Historically, which presidents have ever said that news networks are “fake news”?

– Would you trust the words of the president directly, or the words of someone reporting what the president has said to one or more people?

– Why or why not?

2nd Tweet | Re-Tweet Border Razor Wire Fence

Click here for initial analysis of the original tweet.

In that original tweet, I asked what other countries use razor wire at their borders.

Here I ask whether or not border walls are effective at halting illegal entry into a nation.

A Google search for scholarly research provides a number of sources to read. I also happened across a good general overview of immigration reform on the Council on Foreign Relations website.

This article in particular provides a good, non-biased overview:

Comprehensive immigration reform has eluded Congress for years, moving controversial policy decisions into the executive and judicial branches of government.

– Is the president’s tweet helpful in any way to you? If so, how?

– Is a tweet or a photo all it takes to solve a complex problem? Why or why not?