2018 November 19

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Author: Nancy Langley.
First Published: November 19, 2018 | 11:13am


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Trump brand approval for Mississippi senator recently making headlines for her comments about public hangings and voter suppression.

“Tickets” are free, and serve as a registration tool.

See 4th Afternoon Tweet on 13 November 2018.

3rd & 4th Tweets | Foreign Policy

Why is the President of the United States claiming to have special knowledge of Osama bin Laden prior to the attacks on 9-11?

He even refers us to his book …

“I pointed him out in my book just BEFORE the attack on the World Trade Center.”

What did average citizen Donald J. Trump know about Osama bin Laden, and how did he know it?


1st Tweet

“The Fake News …”

– Which TV or print news has the president seen now? Which news source is he specifically decrying in this tweet?

– Was there such a news story? If so, did the news footage clarify when the scene was filmed, and where it was filmed?

– If not, why not?

– If so, does that report identify the correct time and location?

– Who is the source for the news story?

– Who is the president’s source?

– Did the president have immediate access to the photo he tweeted? Was it on his phone?

– If not, were White House staff instructed to locate the photo?

– If not, who had the photo the president shared?

There are historical photos of locations that also had razor wire coiled barriers around their perimeters.

– What countries have used them in the past?

– What types of governments operated then in those countries? Were they democracies?

– What economic systems prevailed in those countries? Capitalism? Communism?

– Do Americans consider walls made of coiled razor wire to be “beautiful”?


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2nd Tweet | Argentina

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