2018 November 14

Updates – Reflect additions of tweets as well as clerical edits.

15 Nov 2018 | 1:55pm

Author: Nancy Langley.
First Upload: November 15, 2018 as I was unable to access tweets on 2018 Nov 14.

First [Afternoon] Tweet | 11/14

– “Not seen in many years …”

When was it last seen? Is that last seen date related to the housing bust and pre-Obama recession?

– “… steelworker’s get raise because of my Administration’s policies to help bring back the U.S. steel industry …”

Verify steelworker wage increase. Was the increase provided to all steelworkers? Managerial steelworkers?

Identify which policy or combination policies, related to the steel industry, functioned to raise worker wages.

– <steel industry is> ” … critical to national security.”

Identify the role of steel in the national security interests of the United States.

Which industries rely on steel? How does U.S. provided steel better serve national security interests than foreign steel?

How is the steel industry different from other industries, such as oil, with regard to national security interests?

Has the U.S. ever fought a war in steel producing nations? In oil producing nations?

Second Afternoon Tweet

Third Afternoon Tweet

First and Second Evening Tweets

– Video clip showing announcement of passage of a prison reform bill

What is the name of the bill?

Who authored the bill?

What reforms to prison systems are included in the bill?