2018 November 13

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Tuesday Tweets

First Morning Tweets

(4 tweets about France)

1. Referring to France’s leader Emmanuel Macron’s call for a European military alliance, Trump suggests that the German invasions and occupation of France during World Wars I and II should negate any consideration of a European military alliance.

He then seems to draw a line – “Pay for NATO or not!”.

What are the Pros and Cons

I. to France if they decide to:

A) form an allied European Military?


B) continue in NATO and increase the percentage of funding towards that alliance?

II. to the United States if France decides to:

A) form an allied European Military?


B) continue in NATO and increase the percentage of funding towards that alliance?

In this tweet, the president jumps from military policy to trade policy.


In this tweet, Trump taunts Macron with public opinion approval ratings.

Should one expect the dynamics that affect approval ratings for one leader, at one point in time, to be identical to approval ratings of another leader, in another nation, at another singular point in time?

Same question – apply to unemployment rates.

No. That is a false equivalency, and thus renders the criticism moot. Why does the President of the United States choose to taunt an historical ally with meaningless nonsense?

“… no country more Nationalist than France …”

– tactical move to control the narrative. With this assertion, the president attempts to force an acceptance that “nationalism” is a positive characteristic despite historical definitions and outcomes of nationalistic movements (both of which have no positive standing in any traditional context).

MAGA is a rally cry in the U.S. for white nationalists. How might this statement be received by comparable French nationalist groups?

Will it function as a divisive movement in France as it has been in the United States?

Is this presidential tweet an effort to disrupt the national politics of France?

If so, is that effort a reflection of U.S. policy?

If so – where is the U.S. Congress in this picture?

Second Morning Tweet

This tweet is a response to critics of Trump’s failure to attend commemorative events in France because of rain.

It does not explain his absence at Arlington National Cemetery for the Veteran’s Day event. Rain was cited as the reason for his absence there as well.

Third Morning Tweet

“Little Reported-Fake News”

– Does the absence of a news report constitute fake news?

– There were news reports about the speech.

– Does the President of the United States have the legal authority to tell news agencies which news items will be reported, and how frequently to report those specific news stories?

– What are the most significant words spoken by the President in France last weekend?

– What are the most significant tweets written by Trump over the weekend?

Fourth Morning Tweet

– When do candidates who fail to get the larger number of votes concede?

– Which is more important:

1. Getting a vote tally as fast as possible to rapidly declare a winner at the risk of not counting all votes accurately?

2. Accurately counting all votes within a reasonable time-frame to be certain the correct elected person is placed in office?

– Which of the above is reflected in Florida’s state voting laws?

First Afternoon Tweet

– President declares a newspaper’s article is inaccurate.

– Describes the article as “Fake News” because of alleged inaccuracies.

– Instructs the world to rely on him, personally, as a news source.

Is it the job of the President of the United States to be The News Source to the American people?

Which Article of the U. S. Constitution provides for that legal duty?

Second Afternoon Tweet

This tweet includes a video clip of the president publicly expressing sympathy for those killed by, and those battling, the CA wildfires.

Third Afternoon Tweet

(3 tweets regarding Diwali.)

This tweet includes a link to a video of the president observing Diwali with an unidentified group of people.

The first tweet had an inoperable link, so that was followed by a tweet with the correct link.

https://youtu.be/Dh9zz67KYS4 is the correct link to the video.

The president tweeted a third time about this event:

Fourth Afternoon Tweet

Tweet shares link to the Washington Examiner that touts

– “Record high business optimism”

Who measures business optimism? How is it measured? Who holds the optimism?

– “need for employees at 45 year high”

Again – Who measured? How was it measured? Do those measures reflect a loss of immigrant/migrant workers? Is that being evaluated anywhere? (And how many are going to admit to former hiring practices that included illegal immigrants?)

Are other sources also reporting similar economic news?

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