2018 November 10

Updated at 11:00pm.

First Early Morning Saturday Tweet

“… forest management is so poor” … reason for California’s … “… massive, deadly and costly forest fires” – Forest Management is a science. It is a field of study that requires expertise. What scientific evidence exists to suggest improper forestry management in California?

“Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!” – After asserting his perceived identification of a problem, the president makes a threat to with-hold federal funds unless California addresses the perceived problem.

What is the problem? Is it the president’s job to oversee forestry management programs? What is the chain of command? Which federal department is in charge of forestry management? Who, within that department, has identified a forestry management problem in California? If the federal government is in charge, is it not their job to fix the perceived problems? If no federal agency has identified the problem, then why would the president make unsubstantiated allegations?

Is the best time to threaten a loss of funding (and to criticize those working to keep others safe) during a crisis moment, or during a time when resources are not being extended under maximum stress?

Why is the president kicking people down in the midst of a tragedy?

Second Early Morning Saturday Tweet

Was WWI the “bloodiest and worst” war “of all time”?


First Morning Tweet

First Afternoon Tweet

– he reports “productive meetings”

– he reports “calls for our Country”

– he reports a meeting will occur “tonight with World Leaders!”.

The president of the United States wants the world to know that he had meetings and telephone conversations.

Why? Are those irregular occurrences?

In sharing his schedule, did you notice it also?

He does not say that he is meeting tonight with other world leaders.

Does that subtle exclusion concern you? Why or why not?

Second Afternoon Tweet

This tweet is in response, I assume, to the latest news regarding the Florida elections for that state’s governor and one senate seat.

Returning to the tweet –

“Trying to STEAL two big elections …”

– Who? Who is the thief?

Is it thievery to recount all votes to ensure an accurate count of votes?

“We are watching closely!”

– Who is “we”?

– Is it necessary to tell the world that Americans have fair elections where each vote matters?

– Is that feature of American elections one that should be held as a model for other countries?

– What does the president think? Based on this tweet, what would you believe he thinks about American electoral politics?

– What might people in other countries think about American elections based on what the president has tweeted?

First Evening Tweet

While this tweet could be dissected, the topic here and in the following tweet outweighs the need to do so.

Second Evening Tweet

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