Analyzing Trump Tweets 101

The president of the United States likes to use Twitter. Many people have opted to not participate on Twitter, yet they learn about the president’s tweets because journalists simply cannot ignore them. Like it or not, the president prefers to be his own press spokesperson, and Twitter is his means of delivery.  Trump uses Twitter to exert his brand and to demonstrate his approval or disdain of specific individuals and groups. Journalists are left to report about the tweets.

I’ve decided to begin posting his tweets here, and to analyze the content in a way that I would expect any of my former students to do in Intro to Poli-Sci courses. “Why bother?”, you may ask.

Journalists are limited insofar as they exist to relay the news, and to explore the implications of those (political) news events. I’m not doing that here. Instead, I’m asking readers to begin to think for themselves. Look at what the president says, and how he says it.

Trump is the President of the United States; no one can afford to ignore his tweets. Journalists cannot ignore him; neither should voters.

Posts within this category will be titled by date, time and topic (usually).

Finally – My reports that include his tweets do not imply my endorsement of the presidential practice of tweeting, nor do I claim to endorse the ideas he presents.