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SVU Senators?

An Open Letter …

I encourage readers to use this letter to contact senators.

Dear Senator,

The allegations brought forward by a woman about Kavanaugh’s attempted rape of her is an allegation the Senate is untrained to evaluate.

The FBI is not the organization that typically investigates sexually-based crimes. Sexual assault cases are traditionally investigated by local level law enforcement agencies who are specially trained to investigate such matters. Nonetheless, the FBI certainly possesses the tools and skills to investigate the facts of the allegations.

I encourage the Senate Judiciary Committee to take full advantage of those investigative procedures, using qualified, trained law enforcement personnel to conduct an investigation.

Do not assume the American people are trusting of the judgments made by senators in “he said – she said” hearings.

We expect a fair investigation by trained law enforcement.


<Voter Name>

Edited to reflect ongoing updates.

21 September 2018.