The Cyber Attacks Continue

As suggested in this earlier article, it is unlikely that members of the Republican party are immune to hacking attempts by Russian military operatives. A new report from Reuters states cyberattacks from Russia are continuing.

“They are pursuing attacks that they perceive in their own national self-interest,” said Eric Rosenbach, the director of the Defending Digital Democracy project at Harvard University, on Monday to the New York Times. “It’s about disrupting and diminishing any group that challenges how Putin’s Russia is operating at home and around the world.”

In this latest report of six attacks, two conservative organizational, one corporate and three Senate websites were targeted using the technique of spear-phishing.

The attackers created websites to mimic three U.S. Senate websites along with the Microsoft’s Office 365 website and the sites of International Republican Institute and the Hudson Institute.

Reuters describes the targeted conservative organizations as:

The International Republican Institute promotes democratic principals around the globe and has a board of directors that includes six Republican senators and a senatorial candidate.

The Hudson Institute, another conservative group, has hosted discussions on topics including cybersecurity, according to Microsoft. It has also examined the rise of kleptocracy, especially in Russia and has been critical of the Russian government, the New York Times reported.

As these cyber-military attacks, whether successful or not, continue, it is necessary that the United States respond as one indivisible nation as it would in any other time of war.

And that is what this is – war.

It is critical that all security agencies be operating at their highest levels to enable us to rapidly identify and deter such attacks.

A state of readiness does not – and should not – include revoking the security clearances of the nation’s top security officials.

“Russian hacking of conservative groups sites thwarted: Microsoft” –