Image Source: @realdonaldtrump twitter account

Know the Enemy

As I write, the President of the United States is meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Last week, the U.S. indicted 12 Russian military intelligence officers for hacking Democrat computers before the 2016 election.

After his appalling statements made to and about various European Union members last week, Trump seems eager to see Putin.

He defends his feelings by criticizing those who argue that the United States should not be cooperating, or colluding, with Russia after that country deliberately sought to destabilize the United States.


Okay – the important questions: Who – What – When – Where …

Donald J. Trump and Vladimir Putin – Meeting – Tomorrow – Helsinki, Finland.

Those are the facts shared with Twitter followers by the President.

He’s “looking forward” to that meeting, despite members of Congress and others suggesting that this meeting is not in the best interest of the United States given that serious legal charges were just filed against 12 officers of Putin’s military intelligence community.

Then he whines. “No matter how well I do …”. How well he does? How well he does what exactly?

He then suggests that even if Russia gave him – and that’s an important distinction – him – not the United States – Moscow, it wouldn’t make his critics happy.

Well, yes, Mr. President. Americans have no interest in whether Russia gives you Moscow (unless it were as a payment for something, and then details would need to be provided).

Furthermore, we do not want you to be given the city of Saint Petersburg either. The United States does not seek to be “given” Russian cities. And the United States certainly would gain nothing were you to own them.

I had to dig further in my news source to determine what the meeting is supposed to accomplish. The purpose of the meeting is to work out a deal with Russia to get them to be involved in getting Iranian and Hezbollah fighters in Syria to move back from Israel’s border.

I wonder why that was not the topic of Trump’s tweets? That objective is apparently the U.S. goal. Was he instructed to not tweet about the meeting agenda?

An American president is in Helsinki, Finland today. He is meeting with Russia’s president. The marker of success for this meeting is whether or not Trump succeeds in getting Russian assistance in Syria.

He is relying on an enemy of the United States to help accomplish an objective. He’ll work with foreign enemies, but not those he considers ‘enemies’ within his own country.

News Source: Associated Press